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NEW Safety and health measures due to Covid-19

Because of the global pandemic Covid-19, new health and safety rules will be in measure once the studio is able to accept customers again. Should you have any concerns or would like to push your appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

-Clients will be asked to wash & disinfect their hands immediately on arrival. Outside shoes and jackets will be left in the entryway. All baggage will be wiped down in the entryway as well.

-Clents will be asked to wear a mask while not shooting.

-Clients will be asked to test their temperature. If you have a fever you will be asked to reschedule.

-Clients will be asked to leave their bags in a steril container for the duration of the visit.

-Clients will be asked NOT to bring any additional people to their shoot. Any person with no appointment will be asked to wait outside.

-Unfortunately clients will no longer be able to browse accessories or intimates. We will help you if you need to borrow something! It is strongly encouraged to bring your own outfit.

-All staff will be required to wear masks & it is strongly encouraged that you bring one to wear while not shooting.

-Fewer clients will be taken each week so that all surfaces can be properly cleaned in between appointments. (couches, tables, decorations, equipment).

-Please reschedule if you are feeling sick, have headaches, fever, coughing or sneezing.

Thank you for your understanding & I hope you are well in this tough time.


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